Who would have thought paltalk will give birth to ECBN? Only the wisdom of God opened this door to reach and touch the lives of many. It has been about 4 years since I started coming to ECBN.  Through out these years, I had a lot of life-changing experiences and unforgettable memories.  I also had opportunities to meet and fellowship with many beloved brothers/sisters.  ECBN is not only a place of meeting people but it is, mainly, a place of encouragement and growth in faith. The word of God says… For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them… Well, ECBN is just that! It is a gathering of many brothers and sisters. Thus, it is a place where God’s presence and everlasting love are manifested.  ECBN is always a place to be! Nadii(Nadab) and all my beloved, May the Lord bless you for your wonderful services.  I am very very ...very much blessed!
I love you all!!
Keep up the good work and God will surely reward you!

Your beloved sister,
  from Virginia

Participants Comments
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for allowing me to attend
EBCN.God used ECBN in my life as a tremendous tool for me in building my
relationship with God. ECBN   purely presents the Word of God, and it's the Word
that creates faith, hope, and love in the hearts of those who believe it and
receive it!   GOD, the wonderful encourager that He is, chose to bless us all
---worldwide--- in this ministry. Those who are involved in the ECBN ministry
have expressed much enrichment and blessing as they encountered God's Word in
this dynamic way that God is being heard!!! 
The church mainly focus on worshiping (everything we do for the glory of God,
together and individually); community (caring for one another); formation
(growing into Christ); and mission ( the role we play in the world for Christ) A
church that encourages is a church that's alive!....
The church mainly focus on worshiping (everything we do for the glory of God,
together and individually); community (caring for one another); formation
(growing into Christ); and mission ( the role we play in the world for Christ) A
church that encourages is a church that's alive!....
Anyway's, I just wanted to take this special time to thank  my brother Nadab for the
wonderful job that he is doing, all the passion and desire to serve the Lord.  I
appreciate this brother as a friend and fellow worker in our Lord's vineyards. 
All of you who serve God in ECBN you are truly called by God to do exactly what
you are doing. God is using you to encourage our souls and exalt our Savior.  I
appreciate your spirit and love for God's word and God's people.

I love you all &
God bless!
From ,Seattle

First of all,  I would like to give Glory  to the Almighty GOD, Because he is doing such Amazing things through the ECBN.I didn't expect that pal talk would have such a Blessing program like this. But after  I started to join this Program, you  can't imagine  how many times that the LORD has comforted, encouraged and  taught  me through this Program. Its just like  a Church the Holly spirit  is doing unexpected things every day  . Plus there are  a BLESSED sisters and brothers who really shows the love of God all the times, even though we don't know each other Physically,  but we got the same Spirit, and I'm so thankful for that.
   P.Nadi, I really ...really...really  appreciate  the Excellent job that you are   doing for the Lord. GOD has put Amazing dream in your  heart that have turned in to your Destiny. Keep up the good work  that brings so many REWARDS.      
May the Grace of the Lord Jesus , the Love of our father God  and the Fellowship of the Holyspirt be  with  you guys.

I remember it was a year ago when my sister introduced me to this paltalk thing. I have found Ethio christian broadcasting network. I was just thirsty to hear the voice of Habesha and everything was new to me even I was surprised when I saw ppl was able to write amharic in English letter. Anyways, I had a goal and my goal was to ask prayer for my little brother because he wasn't feeling well back then. When I join this room everyone was so nice and helpful and loving and caring and just felt so good. Rev. Nadab Bless your heart he has done so much in prayer and conseling me on the phone. He never got tired of me or just left me unattended. He wanted to make sure that he and his parteners were praying for my bother and myself as well. There was a time that I couldn't admit that I was distrubing the whole room. There was time that I insulted and put ppl down and disapointed my brother's and sister's in Christ. But, Nadab didn'd condemned me or refused me to not go in his room instade showed me his love towards me and accepted me as a speciall child of God. I just want to say thank you thank you brother Nadab for all your done. I am having progress eversince I joined this room and I am growing in spiritual praise Jesus. This room is very blessing to me and my belongs. I will continually be part of this room and supportive.
God bless all and Rev Nadab.
Love you all ,
From ,Florida
"There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started
the great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a fluourishing finish on
the very day Christ Jesus appears." Philippians 1:6.
       Nadi! what a blessing to share word of God,Love of chirst and worship
with a blessed Children of God? I am enjoying our home;ECBN which keeps us
together as a family. More blessing from Almight God. Much love in Chirst.                   Mastwal,
From Kansas

Nadichoyeee my dear bro, I really don't know where to start expressing how  much God has touched my life through you. It has been almost four years since my sister and I started coming to paltalk.  It may sound silly, but  finding ECBN was the best thing that happened to us. Those were times when we didn't have any local church to attend, or have any form of fellowship around. However, once we started coming to ECBN, we began to feel some sort  of belongings as though we are part of the family. You have such a welcoming spirit.  personally like to thank you so much for being there for me, not just  through the good times but most importantly through the worst.  Thank you  for praying and encouraging me. I am so blessed to have a brother like you.  The website is great, may the Lord use it more to reach out and touch people's lives nation wide.  keep up the excellent work!  Showers of blessings upon you & your family...
Lots of love,

Amazing experience in Pal talk;
I knew about pal talk for four years or more. Every other night I came in to waste time. One day my mother and I get invited to close friend house. They stared talking about pal talk, and there conversations get really interesting so I start pay attention to them. The topic was about this room,ECBN(Ethio Christian Broadcasting Netwrok. How it change life, and preaches came around the world to teach and how they have great worship time. I said to them; I know about pal talk but how came I never heard of this room before? One of the guys who were there told me, the room open at 9pm(7pm pacific time) and it goes all night. Please came there to night, and you will love it. So I took His advice. The same night
  I came home and open my pal talk and found the ECBN room. So I get in the room & everyone welcome me like they know me for long time. They were so sweet and nice. That night I meet brother Nadab also so many other brother and sister. We become very close friend. It was very amazing experience for me. I realy hard time in my life,I had obstacel my life an I had question my heart. I did really need pray and encouragement. My spiritual life was getting weaker. I believe the same night, I asked brother nadab to pray for me and He did prrayid for me,he was there for me,he left my spirit mentaly,physicaly ,spirtualy and I love for that.God bless him and his families.  Before I started coming to this room. I used to waste my time going to movies, hang out with friends, or just doing something that is not important. After the first day of my experience I really did not want to go no where. I wait unite   the room open.  I stated seeing different in my spiritual life.  My friend start notes that there is different.  Today here I am ready to get married. Because of all of you pray. I want to thank each of you for taking your time to pray for me and to teach me also encourages me. I hope each of you learn same thing from this room, because I did. I learn to love, to care for others and to be open one other. I also hope we take this experience to our life, our community, our church, our friend & famili
Love you all,

Glorious Thing Are Spoken In ECBN. Where the Message (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) Preached, The Power of the Holy Spirit is always available to heal, to comfort and life up the Saints that is what happening in ECBN.
I attend ECBN almost for the past one year, I tell you, and you won?t miss Service!  So much to receive! Come and See, there is a lot to eat and Drink. ECBN is a place where we share the Love of God, The fellowship, the Joy, More on that the teaching of the word of God.   I really enjoyed the fellowship. It is a place where I met wonderful Brothers and sisters. In simple words. ?I love ECBN with Passion?   God Bless Pastor Nadab the overseer of this vision and all the saints and anointed servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.
With lot of Love in Christ 

From, Africa
I heard about ECBN from a wonderful friend of mine, Mimishu_5 whom most of u know b/c she's been such a blessing to us in this room. She told me about how she gets blessed every time she logs into this room to hear the word and worship with fellow brethren. well, I was absolutely excited about it and the first thing I did was get a PC so I could be part of this extraordinary work God. I also had the privilege of getting to know Nadiiyee, who's been absolutely wonderful ever since I got to know him. he encouraged me to join the room and share whatever I have in my heart, which made me feel at home and gave me a sense of belonging. to me ECBN has been like a home church b/c every time I come in I feel the presence of the All Mighty God at work in all of us. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way b/c it's evident to see what God is doing and has started doing through his servants. there has not been a day that I did not get blessed or felt the showering of the Spirit and so I thank God for this opportunity to be a part of such a loving family. Nadiyee, i don't know where to begin and end, but I will say this..........I truly thank God for u and the vision he has put in heart. may his grace abundant in u like never b4 and equip u for a greater work that's ahead of u. thank u for being a loving, caring and a source of encouragement to me and others like me in this room. we dearly love u and bless God for u and your family.

P.S. if God is doing so much in this Cyber space, can u imagine what it would be like when we meet face to face.........uuuuuuuuuuuuu it's going to be an explosion.........hallelugahhhhhh
your loving sis,
tebarek nadiyee
There had been times in my life when I expected a deep masculine voice resonating from the depths of heaven telling me what to do and where to go. At ECBN I had heard many times the voice of God through the microphone of His sons, and daughters. I have encountered God who loves me through their hearts, I have been counseled by His Spirit through their mouths; comforted through the words they type, strengthened by the testimonies of their lives and I have been taught to delight in the beauty of God?S Word. Glory to Jesus who has made it all possible. Saints, by doing the work of God at ECBN everyday, you are destroying the enemy?S kingdom?what glory, what honors to belong to God! St Paul tells us about putting on the full Armour of God ? it wouldn?t be an exaggeration if I say that I had met many members of our Father?S Mighty Army at ECBN! Nadab, mighty warrior of Christ, your reward is in heaven!
Love you all!

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